Executive Coaching

We believe that effective executive coaching can usually often practical and substantial benefits to both the organization and executive, even in some situations that seem hopeless. With our strong background in both strategic business issues and psychology, our clients find it easier to identify and resolve many obstacles to goal achievement.

Our approach is to provide company executives with a confidential and objective outsider’s perspective to deal with issues related to key leadership, strategic, and personal development.  This can be especially helpful for executives and managers:

  • seeking the increased self-awareness essential for leadership development;
  • having a strong desire to learn and grow;
  • facing complex and changing situations that demand new skills to effectively manage;
  • transitioning from technical and professional specialties to leadership roles;
  • in entrepreneurial situations with limited executive teams and in need of a sounding board and/or safe place to explore confidential issues;
  • hoping to build conflict resolution and communications skills to better deal with the “people” issues on a day to day basis;
  • exploring a change of career direction.

We have found that it is most successful as an evolving collaborative process. Strong support from top management, use of relevant data, goal-directed change, building on strengths, and a contract of client-controlled confidentiality all increase the probability for success.  Some firms promise quick fixes and easy processes to success– we do not.