Executive & Organizational Consulting

Our firm provides executive and organizational consulting services to clients using a variety of planned behavioral science methods.  We have the skills and experience to guide our clients’ attention to leadership selection and development opportunities, and new ways of looking at and unlocking executive, work group and organizational potential.

We emphasize client-centered collaborative processes and data collection designed to help companies:

  • Hire the right people and develop their talent to fit the actual needs of the business, rather than a generic ideal.  Accordingly we use assessment testing and coaching to help select and develop client leadership, management and other human resources–emphasizing the fit between persons and organization needs;
  • Gain a clearer understanding of often subtle processes and sticking points getting in the way of the business’ productivity, satisfaction, and growth. To gain these understandings this we work closely with clients to design and implement organization assessments and development studies.
  • Facilitate change. Collaborate with clients to facilitate the client’s hoped for changes to its strategies, culture and interpersonal systems.
  • Resolve difficult interpersonal issues.

collaboration2Our experience  and background has taught us that consultative processes that are data-based, collaborative, and practical offer the best chances for success.  These processes enable executives and organizations to examine difficult and undiscussable issues, understand and overcome blocks to high performance; and redirect the resources needed to adapt and prosper in a competitive environment.

Barry Jacobs, Ph.D.